Australia is well placed to be a leader in commercialising second-generation biofuels: Climate Spectator

Climate Spectator has republished an article from The Conversation about first and second generation biofuels.

‘The evolution of biofuels’ explains the increasing need for biofuels, their sources and the associated challenges.

Ian O’Hara, senior research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology, and author of the article writes:

“Companies including car manufacturerstrucking operators, airlines, mining groups, fuel distributors, and consumers, are coming out in support of biofuels.”

The article continues:

“But the challenge of transforming our transport energy use is complex. It requires a significant long-term commitment to policy measures that support industry development.

“With the right policy measures, the uptake of second-generation biofuels in Australia could be rapid – only constrained by our capacity to build new production facilities and supply.”

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