OriginOil says Australia the perfect venue for Algae Industry: Climate Spectator

A new article on Climate Spectator, ‘You can have your carbon and eat it too’, explores the commercial viability of the emerging algae energy industry.

The author, Giles Parkinson, outlines the potential profitable uses of the technology, including ” jet fuel, biochar, animal feed, fish food, oils, plastics and fertiliser”.

According to Parkinson, “A whole host of competing algae technologies are now entering the pilot and demonstration phase to prove they can effectively capture emissions, provide a stable growing environment to produce the algae, and then use it for the aforementioned bi-products – and do it without going broke.”

The article concludes by looking at Australia’s role in this rapidly expanding industry: “Australia, he [T Riggs Eckelberry, the head of the US firm OriginOil] says, is potentially the perfect venue for such an industry: lots of land, lots of sun, and lots of greenhouse gases – and a government that is “brave enough” to put a price on those emissions. “My thesis is that Australia has an opportunity to develop another huge resource industry”.”

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