Hawaii to test algae-based biofuels: Biofuels Digest

Hawaiin Electric and Phycal have reached an agreement to deliver between 100,000 and 150,000 gallons of algae-based biofiel by April 2014 for testing at Kahe Generating Station.

According to Biofuels Digest, “the biofuel will be provided at a fixed price not tied to the price of fossil fuels”.

Pending the success of the alage-based biofuel testing at Kahe, Hawaii Electric and Phycal expect a subsequent agreement for up to three million gallons per year for three years for a full scale demonstration project.

Phycal, Hawaii Electric ink algal biodiesel offtake deal‘ by Jim Lane can be read on Biofuels Digest.

US Government to invest $150 million in advanced biofuels

As part of their efforts to reduce reliance on foreign oils and ensure a secure energy future, the US Government has announced that the Departments of Agriculture, Energy and Navy will invest up to $510 million in advanced, drop-in biofuels.

The government will partner with the private sector to “produce advanced drop-in aviation and marine biofuels to power military and commercial transportation”, according to Biofuels Digest.

The article by Jim lane quotes President Obama, “Biofuels are an important part of reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and creating jobs here at home. But supporting biofuels cannot be the role of government alone. That’s why we’re partnering with the private sector to speed development of next-generation biofuels that will help us continue to take steps towards energy independence and strengthen communities across our country.”

The full article, ‘US Government to invest $510M in advanced, drop-in biofuels’ by Jim Lane can be read online at Biofuels Digest.