AFR: AlgaeTec in top IPO performers

Australian Financial Review

Algae.Tec was today featured in the Australian Financial Review IPO top 10 performers with a total return from IPO price of 75%. Other resources companies included GR Engineering Services and International Coal.

Billion Dollar Biofuels: Climate Spectator

Climate Spectator has published an article about investor interest in biofuels saying Solazyme has became the world’s first billion-dollar algae fuel maker after the company’s successful launch of its IPO. Meanwhile: “An Australian company, Algae-Tec, has nearly doubled since listing in January,” says the report.

The U.S. based, advanced biofuels company, rose 15 per cent beyond its issue price on its stock market debut, after developing an agreement with Qantas to “pursue a potential algae-based jet fuel.”

The article explains that Solazyme uses algae to make fuel oil, dietary supplements and skin care products. CEO Jonathon Wolfson highlights how crude oil prices are ever rising, and Solazyme believe their diesel oil have the potential to be sold for $US4 per gallon or less.

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Climate Spectator: a promising future for algae companies

Climate Spectator has released an article with updates on the algae industry.

Solazyme’s IPO price is believed to set a precedent for algae companies within the cleantech industry. The U.S. based algae company has set a price range of $US15 to $US17 in a market float, which is predicted to raise $US170 million and would provide a market capitalization of around $US1 billion.

The article highlights that Solazyme’s IPO will be closely watched by other companies within the industry, such as Aurora Algae who have just opened a demonstration plant in WA, and Algae.Tec who are Australia’s only listed algae fuel company.

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Share Cafe: interviews Roger Stroud, Executive Director of Algae.Tec

Share Cafe has interviewed Roger Stroud, who speaks about the company’s background, its current position within the biofuels industry and its future prospects.

Questions include:

The biofuels sector is experiencing an exciting period of growth. What are the advantages of this style of energy?

What is the future for the biofuels sector? Will it be a major player or contributor in ‘the energy game’?

When will Algae.Tec be in a position to secure it’s first customer?

When will you be paying out dividends?

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Radio Station 2ST interviews Roger Stroud of Algae.Tec

Radio station 2ST interviewed Executive Chairman, Roger Stroud about  plans for Algae.Tec’s demonstration plant at the Manildra complex in Nowra, NSW. The plant will feature “photo bio-reactor modules,” which are being assembled in the U.S.

Stroud said the company’s new high-yield algae growth system will benefit the environment and help wean the world off its reliance on fossil fuels.

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International Business Times: Algae.Tec makes international listing

International Business Times says Algae.Tec is the first company in the world to move toward the commercialisation of algae-driven carbon capture and alternative energy production, as well as the first to market in employing patented technology in a modular system.

It reports that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) listing will give the company access to the largest investor base in the world following the merger announcement with the NYSE.

Algae.Tec listed onto the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on January 21 and is currently listing around 47c (23/2/11) compared to the 20c IPO price.

The report  says the FWB has become a global centre for sustainable energy investment, making the listing a “natural fit” from both a commercial and investment basis.

The company also plans to move into the Chinese market with partnerships currently in progress, according to the report; For the full article, click here

USA investors back algae oil energy

Venture Beat reports that VCs are bullish in 2011 when it comes to cleantech IPOs, especially with regard to algae oil and solar companies.

Asked about the cleantech IPOs market, venture capitalist Nat Goldhaber of Claremont Creek Ventures says he’s expecting 2011 to be a good year for more public offerings in cleantech.

Venture capitalist Alan Salzman of VantagePoint, who has backed Tesla and BrightSource, is also betting 2011 will be a good year for cleantech deals. He told Reuters that he believes IPOs this year will come from utility-scale solar power plants, algae oils, smart grid components and thin-film solar panel makers (many companies in this space have recently received funding and are planning to build factories).

“You’re going to see much more of an active pipeline,” Salzman said. “You will see five to 10 significant, multibillion dollar IPOs in the U.S. this year, and as many meaningful acquisitions.”

Queensland Country Life: Algae biofuel company debuts on ASX

Algae.Tec, a company that uses algae to produce biofuels and store carbon dioxide has made its debut on the ASX after raising $5.1 million from investors, as reported on Queensland Country Life. The Australian-American company has signed an MOU with ethanol producers in Manildra, for a demonstration algae production plant at the facility in Nowra on the South Coast of NSW.

Leighton Contractors are expected to be behind the plant production and operation, which Algae.Tec hopes will begin commercial production by early next year.

Algae.Tec Executive Chairman, Roger Stroud, said the plant would use an enclosed algae production method in order to minimise the use of land and water consumption saying, “It’s significantly less energy intensive and is a sustainable procedure, whereas turning human food crops into energy is not sustainable.”

Algae.Tec is the first algae company to list on the ASX or on any major public stock exchange worldwide, with shares raised to 25 cents since it’s IPO which closed in November (at time of writing, shares have raised to 35c).

The company will target the diesel market, blended petrol market, ethanol market and the green market for jet fuel and has already signed an MOU with Hong Kong company Pacific Minerals, as well as Australian company RKD International, which will foresee a joint venture of establishment in the Chinese market.

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WA Business News: Algae.Tec launches IPO

Business News has released an article on Algae.Tec’s IPO and ASX listing:

“Global bio-fuels firm Algae.Tec has been launched on the ASX, with the clean technology firm’s share price edging to 25 cents shortly after listing.”

The article goes on to explain how the growth and harvesting system works:

“ [The system] uses carbon dioxide waste products capable of producing bio-diesel and bio jet fuel…It grows with photosynthesis, and this algae produces three main products, and depending on the algae the proportions change, but it can produce vegetable oil, a protein, or essential amino acids similar to soybean, which is the major protein in stockfeed, and simple sugars.”

Roger Stroud Executive Chairman of Algea.Tec says:

“We are confident that this will be viable within fuel industry costings. The vegetable oils can go to bio diesel, the sugars can go to ethanol and into gasoline.

The article explores the new and growing relationships with overseas and local companies:

“The firm has agreements in place to deploy its technology in Australia and China, and also holds an agreement with Leighton Contractors for engineering and project management expertise.”

Business News ends the article, highlighting Mr Stroud’s future goals:

“Algae.Tec now has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Subiaco, and aims to target large carbon dioxide users in Western Australia such as Alcoa and Woodside Petroluem.”

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