RenewEconomy: Qantas looking at a biofuel it can grow at home

RenewEconomy reports that Qantas says it needs to look for a home grown alternative to its test flight biofuel derived from used cooking oil from the US; from a fast-food chain in Kansas.

“Qantas will have no shortage of potential providers. One of those, Algae.Tec says algae fuels is a very real short-term prospect for aviation fuels. “This is a very welcome demonstration of the potential for biofuels to transform the way our transport industries use renewable and sustainable fuel,” he said of the demonstration flight.

Algae.Tec has already signed an agreement with Lufthansa to develop aviation fuels from algae, which can be harvested from feed-stocks such as carbon dioxide emissions, and has its first Australian project underway near Nowra in NSW, and has other ventures in Sri Lanka and China.”