Benefits of Algae

Long prized by Asian cultures as both a delicacy and a rich source of healthy nutrients, algae in recent years has grown increasingly popular in western society. Algae is now seen as a “Super Food”, high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and a wider array of other nutrients, including B-Carotene, selenium, zinc, vitamins B-12, C and E.

Algae.Tec has established a collaborative Agreement with Nutrition Care Pty Ltd. to jointly develop algae based nutritional products. Nutrition Care is a leading Australian manufacturer of nutrition pharmaceuticals for domestic and international markets. Nutrition Care was founded by Professor Ian Brighhope who is seen a world leader in the practice of Nutritional and Environmental medicine. Nutrition Care has extensive reach into Asian markets (in particular China) with a solid reputation for premium quality and product standard. While a large variety of high value speciality algae based products and ingredients have strong production potential, the short term focus will be on Chlorella, B-Carotene, Spirulina and Omega 3 oil algae markets.