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Earl has over 35 years experience over a broad field of chemistry and associated technologies, including global markets, bulk chemicals and plastics, differentiated commodities and intermediates, specialty chemicals, polymers and interaction with environmental sectors. Earl’s field experience includes international business management, plant operations, and project engineering in the US, Europe (especially Germany, Holland, Switzerland, UK and CIS), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Mexico) and Asia (Korea, China and Australia). Earl was employed with Dow Chemical Company for 25 years. He served as Global Director for chemicals and plastics in the latter part of his employment. Subsequently Earl was employed with Lockwood Greene and Foster Wheeler Corporation.

Earl has over 10 years of specific technical and business experience in the biodiesel and glycerine industry sectors. He is a founding director and controlling shareholder of Teco.Bio LLC, and is based in Atlanta, Georgia where he has co-ordinated the microalgae development.

Earl has received a BSc (Chem Eng) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, and a ME Chemical Engineering from Texas A & M University. He is a registered Professional Engineer, Member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the Society of Plastic Engineers.