Algae.Tec held a grand opening for its algae-to-biofuel plant in New South Wales, Australia, on Aug 2., a facility that the company said is the first of its kind in the country. Read More

Among those attending the event was the state’s Minister for Resources and Energy Chris Hartcher, who activated the hi-tech lighting system that is supposed to deliver super yield capabilities.

The facility, dubbed Shoalhaven One, is located at Norwa, south of Sydney. It is based on the technology of Algae.Tec, a 2007-founded Australian advanced renewable oil from algae company. It describes its McConchie-Stroud System as a high-yield, enclosed algae growth and harvesting system that’s designed to grow non-GMO algae on an industrial scale to produce biofuels.

The showcase facility utilizes the Manildra Group’s—a flour-based food production company that is also one of the country’s largest ethanol producers—waste carbon dioxide for the algae growth process.

Algae.Tec, which also has offices in Atlanta, Ga., and Perth, Western Australia, said that leading inspection, verification, testing and certification services company SGS will now undertake the third-party yield validation process.

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