Aqua Feed

The positive effects of algae-based aqua feed include:

  • Proportional blend of microalgae enriched feed has been proven to enhance growth, development and stress resistance;
  • Algae content can be as high as 24% in some species;
  • Although aquaculture produces can incur slightly higher production costs, the exceptional nutritional value of the algae fed product justifies the extra expense and provides increased market value.


FeedMe Algae

Cultivated in the cleanest environment, with strict quality control standards, the FeedMe™ line of products offers the highest quality algae available. Each batch is cultivated in a highly controlled environment to ensure the algae is never lacking in nutrients, light etc., to ensure that every scoop of algae offers the greatest possible benefit profile.

FeedMe™ Algae uses the AEB enclosed modular high-yield, algae growth manufacturing system to produce sustainable and renewable proteins and oils. The enclosed photo-reactor system offers cost, scale and yield advantages over the open pond method.


Algae-based nutraceuticals

The global nutraceuticals market presents significant opportunities for Algae.Tec, with its value estimated at US$800m with a 15% growth rate.

Bulk market price ranges from US$15 to over US$100 per kg – dependent on algal species, product form (algae biomass, algae oil or extracts), product quality and nutritional value.

Algae.Tec has also signed a supply agreement with USA’s largest wholesaler of algae based nutraceutical products, Gencor Pacific.



The global aquaculture market is set to rise rapidly. Valued at US$176.45 billion in 2017, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.46% to reach a market size of US$219.42 billion by the year 2022.

Given the fast expansion of the global aquaculture, the demand for fishmeal and fish oil is likely to become stronger. Over the next decade, prices in real terms are expected to rise by 90% for fishmeal and 70% for fish oil.

Algae.Tec have leveraged this demand with the development of high-end algae-based aqua feed known as FeedMe Algae.


Cannabis Market

AEB is at the forefront of developing technologies that optimise controlled growing environments for high value natural products, including medicinal cannabis.


Algae.Tec Feed Me Algae


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