Algae News Wrap Up: New facilities launch for next generation biofuels

AOL Energy reports that an expert panel last week at the International Finance Corporation‘s Cleantech Workshop (part of the World Bank group) concluded that biofuels technology worldwide has been accelerating down the learning curve and is at a “tipping point” for commercialization. Early attempts at biofuels commercialization were in the US and Europe, but are now concentrated in Asia and Latin America, moving “to where the feedstocks and customers are,” said Roger Wyse, Managing Director, Burrill & Co.

CO2 Science reports that an important paper recently published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Jaeger and Egelkraut (2011) notes that renewable energy promotion, and especially that of biofuels, “has become a policy priority in many countries,” that in an effort to “illuminate this information in ways that will inform good policy decisions,” they proceed to examine biofuels from an economic perspective that “evaluates the merits of promoting biofuel production in the context of the policies”. The report can be found at this link.

Reuters reports that “advanced biofuels makers are entering a crucial make-or-break period with the first of a new generation of production facilities about to come on line.”  These new facilities reflect the industry shift to “advanced” fuels made with a lower carbon footprint derived from products that will not compete with demand for food.