Algae News Wrap Up: From beaker to barrel, biofuels leap ahead in record time

Forbes reports that President Obama has unfurled a national initiative that could lead to new opportunities for U.S. companies and scientists, as well as manufacturing jobs for billions and billions of microbes. Under the National Bioeconomy Blueprint, the White House proposes to increase research, cut regulatory overhead and identify areas where the U.S. will be competitive. The full report here.

AllAfrica reports that the Nigerian Federal Government has held a high level consultation with a group of companies from Belgium and Israel, on the possibility of introducing bio-fuel technology in Nigeria through algae farming. The meeting dwelt on the possibility of transforming Nigeria into one of the global suppliers of bio-fuel, animal feeds and food supplements that would be produced by the massive cultivation of algae in the country.

Industry Week reports that U.S Government institutions are not doing enough to further the development of clean energy alternatives, according to the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance.  The group is reacting to the report “International Energy Agency’s Tracking Clean Energy Progress”  that was released on April 26. “We have a responsibility and a golden opportunity to act,” said IEA Deputy Executive Director Ambassador Richard H Jones.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Michael McAdams, president, Advanced Biofuels Association – ABFA, said he is, “proud to report to Congress that America’s domestic advanced biofuels industry has moved from the beaker to the barrel, all in record time. And like most parts of our nation’s economy, small business and American ingenuity are proving to be the engine driving our success.”