Algae News Wrap Up: Biofuels from algae: a necessity

Xconomy published an interview with departing Sapphire Energy CEO, Jason Pyle. “From my perspective, this is essentially a positive thing for me and it should be for the company,” Pyle says. “I feel like I’ve done what I came here to accomplish.” “The next two to three years of the company’s existence is going to be built around the commercial demonstration facility” under construction in Luna County, New Mexico, Pyle says.

CNBC reports of the reality of renewable fuel alternatives by exposing the necessity and risks involved in the change over. The article also outlines the criticism that  that U.S. energy policy gets for being inconsistent and short-sighted, often the product of industry lobbying and political fancy. Concluding that “for now, we need every alternative energy that’s cost competitive and efficient.”

CleanTechnica reports on the five-year, $125 million alternative energy research project known as Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center, (JCERDC), aimed partly at developing biofuels from non-food crops.The biofuel component totals about $21 million for a team from across the U.S.

Biofuels Digest unpack the history and look forwrd to the future of biofuels. “Sapphire Energy, among other hardy survivors, press forward, as others melt away or re-focus on higher-value, smaller-market products.”