Algae News Wrap Up: Solazyme and popular algae reports online

Bloomberg reports on Solazyme’s market success and their plans to develop their relationship with the U.S Defense Department. Up till now Solazyme has delivered about 409,000 liters of renewable diesel and jet fuel to the Defense Department.

Aarkstore has released a new market research report titled ‘Algae Biofuels Production Technologies Worldwide.’ The report outlines the basic technology, current and upcoming projects and market trends. It is available online here.

Biofuels Digest reports that the report titled ‘Cultivating Clean Energy: The Promise of Algae Biofuels’ has been downloaded 76,625 times since its release. This rank was part of a wider report that ranked the most downloaded reports from the Bioenergy Information Zone.

Cultivating Clean Energy: The Promise of Algae Biofuels