Algae News Wrap Up: Qantas plans biofuel flights & more strategic partnerships for R&D

The West reports that Qantas will run two biofuel flights in April using fuel from Dutch firm SkyNRG, the same firm who supplied fuel to Lufthansa last year. A sign that U.S biofuel companies Solazyme and  Solena have not progressed as far as hoped. The flights will be powered by a mixture of recycled cooking oil and jet fuel, which will emit 60 per cent less carbon dioxide.

Biofuels International reports that Boeing, Airbus and Embraer have agreed to work together on the development of drop-in, affordable aviation biofuels. In effect it will see these manufacturers speak in unity to government, biofuel producers and other key stakeholders to encourage the availability of sustainable new jet fuel sources.

Biofuels Digest reports that Volkswagen of America announced partnerships with Solazyme and Amyris to evaluate emissions reductions. They will also be demonstrating the performance of advanced biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel when used in TDI Clean Diesel technology .

Biofuels International reports on the new Clean Edge Annual Report which reveals that the combined global revenue for solar PV, wind power, and biofuels rose by 31% in 2011.