Algae cultivation to meet energy needs: BioSpectrum

Algae.Tec has appeared in BioSpectrum a leading news source for the life sciences industry the Asia Pacific Region.

“Trailblazers: Algae cultivation to meet energy needs” explains how Algae.Tec’s McChoncie-Stroud System is designed to cultivate algae virtually anywhere, unlike other biofuel agricultural crops such as corn that use precious land resources.

The article details the next focus area for Algae.Tec which is the third party validation of the technology, and then the establishment of commercial algae facilities.

Mr Roger Stroud, co-founder, Algae.Tec also comments on the challenge to “establish and fine tune relations with prospective investors”. To combat this Algae.Tec listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in January 2011 and successful share prices are now contributing the funding and research.

The article can be viewed here.