Garnaut Report: Algae.Tec for fossil fuel competition

“Algae can be grown for use as a feedstock to produce biofuel or electricity, providing emissions mitigation through displacing fossil fuels. Large volumes of biomass can be produced from relatively small areas of lake or sea water, including on saline land not suited to agriculture. Augmented carbon dioxide supplies are necessary for high levels of production, and can be obtained from the exhausts of fossil fuel combustion in fossil fuel electricity generation facilities (CSIRO 2009) or the blast furnaces of steel mills. Some life cycle analysis suggests that algal biodiesel could be produced competitively with fossil diesel (Campbell et al. 2009). ….. Research and development activity in this field has increased since the Review, and a number of pilot plants are in development (see for example MBD Energy Ltd 2011; Algae.Tec 2011). Globally, there are prospects for commercialising algal biofuel production on a large scale within around five years (CMT 2011).”
Latest Garnaut Report, “Transforming Rural Land Use.”